Auction 329 – July 14-16, 2020

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Our public Auction #329 is again full of great singles, accumulations and collections.

Due to COVID-19, we had to change our May auction to a live online auction. We have chosen to do the same for July. Therefore, our schedule has changed radically. The auction will now be three days live on the internet, July 14-16, starting at 10:00 AM ET each day.

Our May auction was one of our best ever, ending with less than 2% of lots unsold. We have high expectations for July, as we can now allow customers to view by appointment.

We are also trying our best to take more photos, videos (check out our Youtube Channel), and expanded description requests. How can we help you see inside our boxes? Give us a call or send us an email and we will do our best to serve you with kindness and professionalism!

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Coin & Currency Sale #11 – June 18, 2020

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We are pleased to present our 3rd numismatic sale of 2020. Among certified coins, this sale features an 1889 3¢ Nickel in PCGS PR66, a 1937 Buffalo 5¢ in PCGS PR65, an 1876 10¢ in PCGS PR62, and a 1931-S Mercury 10¢ in PCGS MS64 FB.

Highlights of the new coins are a nice array of scarce Seated Quarters, 1894-O, Barber Half in AU, a 1796 Small Date Bust Dollar, plus several nice GSA CC Dollars.

Gold Coins in this sale are all nice coins for the assigned grades as is the paper currency.

We also offer the very scarce Delaware Tercentenary medal 70mm in silver of which very few are known today from an original mintage of (100) coins or less.

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Auction 328 – May 15-16, 2020

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Amidst the Corona pandemic, our auctions continue. To be safe and keep our customers safe, at this time we are currently restricted from having in-person viewing or in-person attendance. Auction 328 will proceed as a LIVE online auction.  We have limited phone bidding availability for this sale available.

The May auction is loaded with both quality and quantity. There are some great singles, sets, country collections, and a host of large accumulations and collections.

We have been working extremely hard to add more photos of as many of the lots as we can and we are posting videos to our YouTube channel. We will also give buyers the opportunity to have expanded descriptions and video viewing so that even from a distance, they can bid with confidence. Continue Reading…….

Coin & Currency Sale #10 – April 16, 2020

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We are pleased to present over 300 lots in our 2nd numismatic sale of 2020. This sale features a number of great offerings for the collector, novice or advanced. Highlights include: 1787 FUGIO, 1855-O $1 gold, some nice early proof sets, large and small size paper money and many many nice type coins. Surely something for everyone in this sale! Continue Reading…….

Auction 327 – March 13-14, 2020

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Our sale #327 in March is highlighted with a great find!  Lot #12 is a U.S. #5 on cover new to the market in undamaged condition.  There are many other nice single cover lots, multiples, FDCs and accumulations as well as an impressive collection of about 160 Zeppelin covers and cards.

We have a strong showing of U.S. singles, selections, accumulations and collections with some nice Revenues.

Our worldwide section is also full of better singles, sets and accumulations with much nice Germany and Israel. Many of the worldwide and large lots come straight from collectors.  There are many topical and regional lots as well as a nice selection of worldwide collections.  We hope you find what you are looking for to fill a hole in your collection! Continue Reading…….

Coin & Currency Sale #9 – February 13, 2020

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We are excited to present 400 lots in our first solely numismatic sale of 2020. This sale contains a wide selection of raw and certified coins from colonials to $20 gold, large & small size paper money and WW single coins and accumulations. Among the scarcer U.S. coins we highlight: 1803 Large Cent XF45, 1814 Large Cent VF30, 1834 Bust Half Dime MS64, 1875 Seated Dime MS65, 1875 Twenty Cents Proof 62, 1923-S Standing Quarter XF45, 1877 Seated Half MS63, 1843 Seated Dollar MS61, 1877-S Trade Dollar MS64 (CAC), 1882-O Morgan Dollar MS66, 1856-S $2 ½ Gold AU55, 1844-O $10 Gold AU50 and an original 1937 Proof Set (all certified).

The paper money highlights include: 1917 $1 Red Seal 66PPQ, 1923 $1 Silver Cert 68PPQ, 1934 $1 Silver Star Note 66PPQ and a 1929 $5 National (Tilden, NE) S/N 1.

The sale also includes many other U.S. and foreign silver and gold bullion based coins. Surely something for everyone in this sale! Continue Reading…….

Auction 326 – January 10-11, 2020

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We are proud to announce that our January sale has 1822 lots even though we have moved all of our coin lots into a different auction! We are growing.

This auction has both quantity and quality. In our cover section we have a very nice USS Shenandoah cover and a nice 15L5 local with certificate. There are many naval cover lots, Zeppelins, accumulations of U.S. and worldwide and First Day Covers. There is a strong postal stationery section. The postcard section is growing with more and more lots of better artists, cards and topics.

In our U.S. stamp section, we have some really attractive singles, sets, accumulations and collections. Two better EFOs include the #294 fold over and 1919e. There are quite a number of larger U.S. collection lots and dealer stocks to choose from. Continue Reading…….

Auction 325 – November 15-16, 2019

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Our sale #325, November 15th & 16th is chocked full of goodies!  We again have strong cover lots including ad covers, a rare Wiley Post flight cover, Locals, Naval, FDCs (U.S. & WW), postcards, but quite possibly the best is a huge collection of hand painted ship commissioning’s (nearly all Weigand).  There are also nice Russian covers, WW Airmails, Zepps and many more accumulations and large groups.

Our U.S. section is strong with many good singles, collections and accumulations.  There are some great larger lots, the most interesting being a group of Officials that includes sheets, part sheets, large multiples and much NH. Continue Reading…….

Auction 324 – September 13-14, 2019

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We look forward to Auction 324, our September sale. It is our largest ever in both volume and value. We have some excellent cover lots featuring New York postal history, foreign destination covers, about 40,000 event covers, WWII APOs, postal history, postal stationery, FDCs (U.S. & WW) and the cherry on the cake is the postcard section filled with a great selection of exceptional Halloween cards!

Our U.S. stamp section has many quality singles and a great variety of larger lots. A few standouts in the coin section include an 1856 AU50 Flying Eagle cent, 1916 and 1918 over 7 Standing Liberty quarters, 1795 Bust half, 1803 Bust dollar, 1803 over 2 $5 gold & multiple Iranian gold coins. Continue Reading…….

Auction 323 – July 12-13, 2019

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Our 40th Anniversary Sale July 12-13 is again filled with both quantity and quality; from single stamps to multi-volume collections.  We have some great covers including a Boyd’s 20L4, advertising, air, naval, Zepps, fancy cancel, patriotics, space, topicals, FDCs, postal stationery, accumulations, postcards and a strong WW group with individual items and accumulations.

There is a nice showing of U.S. led by a used #294a w/ cert, used #391 pair w/ cert; many groups, accumulations, and collections.  A very nice group of large lots.

We have an excellent selection of coins including an 1804 Large Cent PCGS G Details, 1870-CC Seated Half PCGS G4, 1801 Bust Dollar, 1893-CC Morgan Dollar NGC AU58 and a few scarce pieces, some proof and uncirculated, of Indian cents, Shield and Liberty nickels, Seated Half dimes, Standing Liberty quarters, and a nice selection of commemoratives and US gold.  Our currency section features a $1 Educational, $5 Chief, $5 Porthole, $10 Bison, a Series 1928 $500 bill, and several nice Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates and legal tenders. Continue Reading…….

Auction 322 – May 10-11, 2019

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This Auction has similar strength with very many U.S. and worldwide cover lots including Inauguration, Naval, Patriotic, Topical, FDCs, postcards, along with large accumulations.  The U.S. section has a strong showing ranging from single classics (including #17, 39, 116), to collections and accumulations.

The worldwide section has an excellent variety of nice value and quality singles and sets.  As usual, we have a very large selection of accumulations and collections.

Look and see if there is something for you. Continue Reading…….

Auction 321 – March 8-9, 2019

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We are pleased to share the highlights of our Auction 321 in March.  Our cover section is very strong again with a U.S. #1 with a Boyds local 20L4 with a Cert. There are many strong accumulations and collections with a variety of topics including a collection of Weigand cachets.

There is a good showing of postcards with aviation, expos, real photos and others.  In the worldwide section we have a nice ballon monte to New York.  There are many lots of FDCs and commercial mail.

Our U.S. stamp section features many high quality and high value items such as #8, 9 Blk, 14-15 in Blk, (2) 19’s, 41, 45, 105, 159 Blk, 245, 292, 403 Blk/20, 482 unreported plate number,  743a, 744a, Guam #13 and more!

As usual we have a very nice group of U.S. accumulations and collections; very good Match and Medicine, Officials, Revenues, Farleys and strong collections. Continue Reading…….

Auction 320 – January 11-12, 2019

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We are excited about our January sale #320 for many reasons.   At the top of our list of great properties is a wonderful collection of Greece most of which is unused NH in blocks or sheets.  Most of these stamps are in exceptional condition, chosen for centering and color! Greece C8-14 are in sheets, a real showpiece, possibly unique!

We also have a strong section of covers including U.S. #1s (5).  We have many accumulations and collections with U.S, worldwide (FDCs of both), air, naval, space and more.

Our U.S. section includes many nice individual places plus a very strong group of accumulations and collections. Continue Reading…….

Auction 319 – November 9-10, 2018

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Thank you for making our September sale our best ever, we hope you find the material in November just as interesting.

In the U.S. cover section we have two nice #1s both with local cancels and there is also a 347V w/ PF cert on cover to Michigan. There are many nice lots in groups by topic, state and FDCs. There are also many larger U.S. and worldwide cover lots including a FDC of the PRC monkey #1586.

In the U.S. singles section there are many outstanding individual items like unused #76 block, 100, 115 & 121 with Yokohama cancels, 678 sheet and more. As usual we have a large number of accumulations and collections. Continue Reading…….

Auction 318 – September 14-15, 2018

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Our September sale #318 is one or our largest sales ever with 1882 lots! In our opinion, it is loaded with interesting items, good finds and large lots that will provide hours, days, and months of treasure hunting.

In our cover section we have an excellent collection of advertising covers, another of locals, airs, naval, space, topical, Zeppelins, FDC (U.S. & WW), postal stationery and meter mail.  The U.S. FDC are highlighted by Colorano Silks, Collins, Maslow and Risko Art as well as many large accumulations.  There is a very strong selection of postcards and the foreign covers feature nice groups of POW and Russia.

In the U.S. singles section is a #28 unused, #84, #85E, #130, #135A, #143, #244a, #K1-18, #PR31 w/ certificate and Hawaii #7 and #27a. Continue Reading…….

Auction 317 – July 20-21, 2018

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We are pleased to announce that our July sale #317 is filled with a great variety of interesting and valuable material.

The covers section is highlighted by a beautiful U.S. #2 on cover.  There are many U.S. and WW cover accumulations including FDCs, topicals, special events and more.  There are a number of lots featuring WWII correspondence from governments in exile, concentrations camps, internment camps and solider mail.

In our U.S. section there is a very fine #72b, the largest known multiple of #73, a scarce block of #76, #154, nice Columbian dollar values, #293 NH, E5a, J3, O70-O71, PR30 and much more!  Following the single items are many U.S. collections and accumulations. Continue Reading…….