Coin & Currency Sale #24 – August 11, 2022

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Our auction this month features a nice run of both Morgan Dollars and Classic Commemoratives most from a significant Delaware Estate recently consigned. Additionally, the sale contains some better-date coins from a variety of series, some higher-grade early type coins, and a wide selection of gold, both vintage and modern bullion issues. Among the large and small currency offered, there is a nice 1862 $1 Legal Tender and an 1882 $5 National w/ charter # 5105. Be sure to view a current catalog or visit Stamp Auction Network view the photos for a good look!

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Auction 341 – July 12-15, 2022

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Our Public Auction #341 is scheduled for July 12-15, 2022.  It has been changed to a four day auction due to the amount of material we are now processing on a regular basis.

We are fortunate to again have a large number of varied cover lots with stampless, air, a beautiful Masonic collection, military, space, Zeppelins, US & worldwide FDCs and transportation coils #1899 and 1902a on cover.

Our U.S. stamp section features a strong showing of better singles, sets, collections, and many accumulations.

The worldwide is packed with better singles, great country collections and many large lots.

There is some really great material.  We hope you find something of interest to enjoy! Continue reading…….

Coin & Currency Sale #23 – June 9, 2022

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Our Coin & Currency Sale #23 offers a wide selection of US Coins. A large number of better half cents, some of the better Seated Quarters, an abundant amount of Silver Dollars, and an ample number of gold coins are all represented. But the sale has an unusual offering of 19th Century Medals many of which were issued to the Fisher & Norris company for industrial innovations of various kinds. Also included are outstanding paper money specimens from the E. M. Nepa collection including an F-33 (1880 $1 Legal Tender) in PCGS 64PPQ, an F-1605* (1928E $1 Silver Certificate *Star* note) the second finest of 10 known, and finally, a very rare F-1609* (1935A $1 Silver Certificate “R” Experimental *Star* note) in PCGS 65PPQ. View the catalog or our website for more information! Continue reading…….

Auction 340 – May 10-12, 2022

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Our May Sale #340 should be a very good one.  Again we have a strong showing of covers, stamps, U.S. & worldwide postal history, FDCs, Naval, Zeppelins and much more including another group of UN WFUNA art prints.

The U.S. section has many better singles, small and large groups, along with accumulations and collections.  The worldwide section is filled from singles to larger accumulations and collections as well.

We hope there is something for everyone.  Take a peak.  You might find just what you were hoping to find! Continue reading…….

Coin & Currency Sale #22 – April 7, 2022

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Coin & Currency Sale #22 contains a large number of groups and collections in many different series. Of note are a number of better-date Morgan Dollars and an unusually large selection of gold is offered – both pre-1933 vintage pieces and modern bullion coins and bars. Similarly, the foreign gold offerings are extensive, highlighted by numerous graded examples of the recently-released 1914 Canadian $10 pieces from the Bank of Canada hoard. Be sure to check this sale – there is something for all collecting tastes and preferences! Continue reading…….

Auction 339 – March 8-10, 2022

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For our Sale #339 in March, the pictures on the cover say it all. This auction is filled with many better stamps, covers, collections and accumulations.

There are about 280 cover lots than include U.S. airmail, event, military, naval, space and many FDC collections with various cachet makers. In the worldwide cover section, there are country groups, Zeppelins, collections and accumulations.

The United Nations section has some extensive collections with new issues to 2020. There is also a nice selection of WFUNA lithographs.

Our U.S. section includes #233a, 244-245, 263, 273, 292, 293, 313, 352, 356, 361 and much much more! Also an abundance of collections and accumulations. Continue reading…….

Coin & Currency Sale #21 – February 10, 2022

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Our Coin & Currency Sale #21 has a broad array of nice type coins from virtually every series and denomination including an attractive assortment of higher-grade certified Buffalo Nickels and scarcer (raw) Washington Quarters. Five GSA coins are among the many Morgan Dollars available, and there is a wide variety of vintage gold coins and modern bullion issues. Medals & tokens, plus a larger-than-average selection of foreign coins is also offered. Be sure to view the entire catalog either in print or on-line! Continue reading…….

Auction 338 – January 11-13, 2022

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Dutch Country starts 2022 with our Auction #338 loaded with better singles to large accumulations and collections. Again we have over 300 lots of covers, from singles to large lots, with a very wide range. The cover section features 34 lots of Karl Lewis handpainted covers.

We have a good representation of U.S. singles, many with certificates. There are many high values; dollar Columbians, Trans-Mississippi, and a plate block of C15. The U.S. section also contains many groups and collections.

Our worldwide section is loaded with almost 800 lots including many better singles, country collections and accumulations.

Plenty of stamp material of all types and values. I hope you find something you want! Continue reading…….

Coin & Currency Sale #20 – December 16, 2021

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Coin & Currency Sale #20 includes better coins in virtually all series plus a fine group of sets in many categories including Indian Cents, Lincoln cents, Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, Washington quarters and Walking Liberty halves. Type coin and Morgan dollar offerings are numerous. A nice selection of all denominations of gold coins are presented, both vintage U.S. and foreign as well as bullion U.S. and foreign. This sale also offers two rare pattern coins – Judd-325 1863 Pattern dime and Judd-1771 1896 Pattern nickel. As usual, the sale offers something for every type of collector, and is well worth careful review. Continue reading…….

Auction 337 – November 16-18, 2021

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We are excited to announce our November Sale #337. It has a great cross-section of material!

Our cover section has over 300 lots again with a variety of singles, groups and accumulations. Highlights include U.S. #1, 1a, 2, 85 and much more. There are many large lots, one of the more interesting is Ryukyu Islands. Also, a (Modena) Italian States cover #10-11 with a cert that has a catalog value of $26,630.

We have a very strong showing of U.S. singles, collections and accumulations including a PR94 & PR96.

Our worldwide section includes singles, sets, country collections, topicals and accumulations. A good opportunity to find something you need or hours of fun. All the best! Continue reading…….

Coin & Currency Sale #19 – October 14, 2021

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Dutch Country Auctions Coin & Currency Sale #19 contains coins from Colonials to Double Eagles plus a desirable array of paper currency. Copper coins are highlighted by a 1787 Nova Eborac, and 1798 S-152 & 1808 S-277 Large Cents in higher grade. Half Dollars include the rare 1842-O Small Date; Small Letter Reverse in XF, plus 1835 Bust, 1855-O Seated, and 1916-D Liberty Walking, all in mint state. The Morgan Dollar offerings are substantial and include an 1878-S PCGS MS65, an 1880-CC in NGC MS62 DPL, an 1899 in PCI MS63, plus two rarely offered original BU rolls: 1883-O & 1898-O. Gold coins number 16 different and include the scarce 1872 $1. Paper money includes the $2 Legal Tender of 1880 F-52, and “ornate back” 1890 $1 Treasury F-328, and an 1891 $2 Silv Cert “Windom” F-245. The sale is rounded out by many nice set, accumulations, and foreign items – bullion silver and gold, and paper currency among them. Continue reading…….

Auction 336 – September 14-16, 2021

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We are pleased to present our #336 September auction to you.  As usual, there is an excellent variety of material; covers of all types, US singles, accumulations and collections, worldwide singles and collections, and a host of “stamp stuff.”

U.S. and worldwide covers seem to be exceptionally desirable at this time and we have over 300 lots of covers.  There are some great autographed air cover lots, a strong showing of space covers, Prexy issues, and many many large accumulations great for hunting through.

The U.S. stamp section has many nice singles including a #16 with a certificate, 28A, 39, 91, 121, 140 & many more.  There are also nice accumulations and some excellent collections.

The worldwide section is loaded with choice singles and a multitude of large lots.  Browse through the lots online, there is bound to be one that will spark your interest! Continue reading…….

Coin & Currency Sale #18 – August 12, 2021

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This auction contains several desirable semi-key and key date coins including an 1879-CC Morgan Dollar in NGC AU58. Among one of the largest gold offerings we have had in recent memory including an 1839-C Quarter Eagle. Also included is a wide selection of silver eagles, modern commemoratives, mint and proof sets, worldwide coins and notes, colonials, Civil war tokens, and fractional currency. All this ensures that this auction contains something for all collectors.

The auction will begin at 4:30 PM ET on Thursday, August 12, 2021. Live online bidding will be available via Stamp Auction Network. Absentee bids may also be submitted via Stamp Auction Network, phone, email and fax. Continue reading…….

Auction 335 – July 13-15, 2021

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Our July Sale #335 features a very strong showing of U.S. and worldwide covers; singles, accumulations and collections. There is a very nice #28 horizontal strip of 3 to France. There are two nice lots of Georgia stampless covers. A very strong showing of air, ship and Zeppelin covers are part of the large lots. In the FDC cachet makers section, there is a nice group of 600 Therome covers. There are over 300 cover lots in this sale!

The U.S. section has some very nice singles, accumulations and collections, but the highlight has to be sheets of the Polar Bear test stamp (TD127A & TD128A).

Andorra-French #1-22 NH is a set not often seen; it leads our worldwide section. Guess what we found in Japan. Our describer, Doug G, found China #136 and #137! It pays to have someone look at each page of a collection! Italy CO1 VF NH with a certificate is another of many quality singles and sets in this sale. Continue reading…….

Coin & Currency Sale #17 – June 17, 2021

Our Coin & Currency Sale #17 opens with several important early large cents in better condition, a 1909-S VDB Lincoln in VF30, several nice nickel, dime and quarter types, and a great run of early Liberty Walking halves in 1916 // 1933-S. An 1893-CC highlights the wide selection of Morgan dollars offered. There is also an impressive amount of gold coins in this sale highlighted by an 1847-O Eagle in AU55. A generous supply of coin sets, paper money and worldwide is presented as well. Be sure to view the sale online where all lots are photographed!

The live online auction will begin at 4:30 PM ET on Thursday, June 17th. Absentee bids may also be submitted via Stamp Auction Network, phone, email and fax. Continue reading…….

Auction 334 – May 18-20, 2021

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We are happy to announce that our Sale 334 scheduled for May is chock-full of goodies.

Our cover section is loaded with good postal history and many large lots of collections and accumulations, both U.S. and worldwide.  There are nice expos, fancy cancels, advertising, a full face McKinley, aviation, air ships and much much more.

In the U.S. singles section there are some exceptional pieces like #17 horizontal pair with a certificate, 362 used, 498f NH, 500 plate block of 6, O68 genuine used, R87a and many more.

The highlight of the U.S. large lots has to be the Revenues, both collections and accumulations.

Our worldwide section has a great variety with many better singles and sets plus great topical lots and plenty of accumulations and collections. Continue reading…….