Auction 305 – July 15 & 16, 2016


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Quality and Quantity – our July sale has both! Our cover section includes a very strong group of First Flights and a lifetime collection of Submarine Mail. There are many other U.S. and WW cover lots including topicals, Zeppelins and FDCs. There is also an excellent selection of postcards.

Our U.S. singles section contains a nice #143 unused with certificate, 537a, 557a and 562b. We also have over 200 lots of U.S. collections, accumulations and large lots.

Our coin section features a strong group of Indian cents, a nice 1944 Double Die Lincoln cent and an extensive collection of Roman Empire ancient coins.

The worldwide section features a very strong group of Bosniak (Muslim Government) in quantities and another very strong China selection. We have some very good single lots, topicals, country collections and mixed worldwide collections. Do you like quality or quantity? Both are here! Continue Reading…

Auction 304 – May 13th & 14th, 2016

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We are pleased to announce that our May sale is again filled with diversity, value and large lots. Among the many cover lots are both quality single items like a China hand painted, A U.S. #610 FDC, Zeppelin covers, Vatican City, airs and many large lots including a Doane collection, naval and space plus U.S. and WW FDCs.

Our U.S. section includes numerous #1s and 2s; also a #12 unused with cert, a #39 used w/ cert, unused #62b with cert, #196 unused with cert, #3261Pa-3262Pb (2 sets of plate proofs on coated and uncoated paper) and a host of collections, accumulations and large lots.

The coin and currency section includes several higher-grade large cents and other nice type coins, an original Redfield Morgan Dollar, and many nice classic commemorative half dollars. It also has several attractive pieces of large and small U.S. Currency including some scarce Delaware Obsoletes, and a fine selection of Fractional Notes.  Continue reading…

Auction 303 – March 18 & 19, 2016

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Dutch Country Auctions is pleased to announce that Auction #303 in March is loaded with many better values. Right at the top of the list is a stunning imprint block of the $5 Columbian issue #245 with seldom seen centering! We also feature a nice copy of #294a, the One Cent Pan Am inverted center, followed by many better U.S. singles, sets and collections.

As usual we have a strong showing of U.S. and WW covers (including FDCs and Zeppelins), coins, currency, and Americana.

In our worldwide section, there are many attractive singles but the highlight is the large number of solid and sound collections. From single stamps to large collections and accumulations, there is much of interest! Continue reading…

Auction 302 – January 22 & 23, 2016

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We are pleased to say that our January sale is filled with many interesting and valuable selections. From large lots to single items there is a great variety of choice items.

Our cover section contains event, Christmas topics, military, Naval, Zeppelin, First Day and much more including a Balbo (Italy C27), Gandhi (India 203-206. There are also some extensive & comprehensive FDC collections.

The U.S. singles feature Columbians to $5, Zeppelins, K1-K18, OX19-OW20, RW1-RW5 and much more. There is a strong showing of U.S. accumulations and collections as well.

Some of the featured coins include a 1793 Wreath Cent, 1799 Bolender-16 Bust Dollar, and 1907 & 1908 $20 Gold pieces.

The worldwide section includes a lovely Australian States collection, many British Colony lots, China-PRC, Great Britain, India-IDAR, Thailand, topicals & a host of large lots and collections. We think you will find something for everyone! Continue reading…