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  • How often do you have auctions?

    We have a total of 12 auctions per year, six numismatic auctions and six philatelic auctions.  Auctions are scheduled once per month and we alternate months for philatelic vs numismatic material.  Please see our calendar for our upcoming auction schedule.

  • How do I login to bid?

    You can log in directly at then visit the home page and click on the link to our current sale under “Closing Soon” to view the catalog listing and place bids.


    You can go to our website and click on the Auctions tab.  The current auction will be listed first and there will be a red link that reads “Submit Bids and View Full Auction Listing on Stamp Auction Network.” This will direct you to the index page of our sale hosted at Stamp Auction Network. You can then log in at the top.

  • When are catalogs available online

    Catalog production for the next sale takes several weeks and the process is started before the close of the current sale.

    Generally catalogs are mailed and posted to the website 3-4 weeks before the sale date.  Watch for emails announcing upcoming sales.

  • Can I order a copy of your auction catalog?

    We would be happy to send you a copy of our auction catalog. You may request one at our website by scrolling to the bottom of any page and clicking on “Contact.” You may also call, email or mail us your request.

    We are also happy to help conserve paper and mark your account as “Green” if you prefer to view the catalog online for each sale.

  • I have not received my catalog and the sale is coming up, what do I do?

    Although we send catalogs out several weeks in advance, mail service can vary from location to location. Our catalog is always available online at by clicking on the “Auctions” tab. You may also call us and we can verify your information and send another copy if necessary.

  • When are lots open for inspection?

    Lots for our philatelic auctions are generally open for inspection approximately 4 weeks before the sale date and lots for our numismatic auctions are generally open 2.5 weeks before the sale date, however there are some cycles that we are not able to do this due to holidays etc.  Lots are open for inspection up until the start of the sale and during any session breaks.  The opening date for inspection of lots is always listed on the back cover of our catalog in the Announcements box and on our calendar page.

  • Are all lots photographed?

    We are unable to photograph all of the lots in our sales. However we try our best to include as many items as possible. Some lots have Web Only or Additional Web Only photos which can be viewed by visiting the current auction listing on

  • Can I requests scans or additional information about the lot?

    We would be happy to provide additional details or scans, as much as practical at least (10) days before the sale date.

    Auction agents are also available to provide in depth information. Arrangements can be made directly with the agent. Agent information can be found in the following FAQ listing.


  • How can I find opening bids for the current sale?

    Opening bids are available on our website by clicking on the “Auctions” tab and the link in red to “Submit Bids Online and View Full Auction Listing on Stamp Auction Network.” This will direct you to the Stamp Auction Network index page of our current sale. You can view opening bids lot by lot or by clicking on the “Openings” tab at the top of the page.

    Opening Bids are also available by phone the week of the auction.

  • What are the bidding increments?

    We have different increments for stamp and coin auctions.  The increments by sale type are listed below.

    Stamp Auctions:

    Bid Increment
    up to $30.00 $1.00 
    $30.00 up to $70.00 $2.00 
    $70.00 up to $150.00 $5.00
    $150.00 up to $300.00 $10.00
    $300.00 up to $1000.00 $25.00 
    $1000.00 up to $3000.00 $50.00 
    $3000.00 up to $7000.00 $100.00 
    $7000.00 up to $10,000.00 $200.00 
    $10,000.00 up to $15,000.00 $500.00 
    $15,000+ $1000.00

    Coin & Currency Auctions:

    Bid Increment
    up to $100.00 $2.00 
    $100.00 to $200.00 $5.00 
    $$200.00 to $500.00 $10.00
    $500.00 to $1000.00 $25.00
    $1000.00 up to $3000.00    $50.00
    $3000.00 up to $7000.00 $100.00
    $7000.00 up to $10,000.00 $200.00
    $10,000.00 up to $15,000.00 $500.00
    $15,000+ $1000.00

  • Can I control how much I spend at the auction?

    A limit can be placed on the total of your bids to allow you to control your spending. This can be indicated when calling in your bids or when placing bids online by clicking on “Bid/Pay Terms” tab at the top to include your limit, select Tie Breaker options etc.

  • I forgot what I bid on in the current sale, what do I do?

    Visit and log in. Click on the link for our current sale. Click on the “My Bids” tab at the top to view the bids that you have entered for the current sale.

    You can also click on the “Bids for All Sales” tab to view all of the bids you have placed for recent sales with us.

  • What are your commissions?

    We charge a 15% buyers commission.

  • Are there any additional fees?

    Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Charges are based on the weight of the package. Dutch Country Auctions will ship material the least expensive method unless the customer has a shipping provider preference on file. A handling fee of $1.50 is added to each shipment.

    Accounts are considered overdue after 30 days and a late charge of 2% per month (minimum of 30.00) will be assessed.

  • How can I find prices realized for the current sale?

    Prices realized are available in several places including the “Auctions” tab on our website

    Prices Realized are also available on immediately after the sale by clicking on the sale link and viewing the realized prices lot by lot or from the Stamp Auction Network home page under the listings Prices Realized and/or Closed Auctions by clicking on the link then clicking the “Realizations” tab at the top.

  • How can I find prices realized for a past sale?

    You can view past archived Prices Realized on our website at the “Auctions” tab and then view the auction listing for each sale.

  • How can I check to see what I won at auction?

    Successful bids can be found on our website at by clicking on the “Auctions” tab, click on the auction listing then scroll down to enter your bidder number in the search box.

    **If you do not know your Bidder/Customer number you can give us a call and we will verify the information for you.

    We will email invoices to all successful bidders the week following auction.

  • What are your Terms & Conditions?

    View our Auction Terms and Conditions here.

  • How can I pay for purchases?

    We accept payments in the form of cash, check, money order, credit cards (including MC, Visa & Discover) and via Wire Transfer. All payments are in U.S. Dollars.

    Payment by credit card will be subject to a 2% service charge.
    Online payment by credit card can be made here: Online Auction Payment

    We will be happy to keep your credit card information on file for automatic payments per your request. This information will be kept confidential and securely stored.

  • Can I make a wire transfer?

    Contact us for more information about completing a wire transfer.

Appraisals And Consignments

  • What types of material do you buy and sell?

    We are always looking for material for consignments. Material typically falls into one of the following categories, however feel free to contact us if you have something out of the ordinary, we will be happy to assist you or guide you to the appropriate person.

    COLLECTIONS – U.S., Foreign, Topical, Etc.

    ACCUMULATIONS – Stock Remainders, Loose, Odds & Ends, You Name It!

    SINGLE ITEMS – U.S. & Worldwide, Classics, Mint & Used, Airmail, B-O-B, Blocks, Plates, Oddities, Etc.

    COVERS – U.S. & Foreign, Individual, Collections & Accumulations, 1st Days, Postal History, Stationery, Flights, Events, Navals, Patriotics, Etc.

    BULK/WHOLESALE – Dealer Lots, Quantities of a Kind, Sheets, Postage Lots, Etc.

    AMERICANA/HISTORICAL/SPORTS CARDS – Fair-Expo Material, Picture Postcards, Old Letters, War Items, Stock Certificates, Political Documents, Cinderellas, Labels, Trade Cards, Baseball Cards & Related

    NUMISMATIC MATERIAL – Gold, Silver, Type Coins, Proof & Mint Sets, Commemoratives, Tokens, Medals, Exonumia, Paper Money, Accumulations, Single Items U.S. & Worldwide!

  • How can I sell my material?

    We offer a confidential appraisal made by our professional and bonded staff supported by an outright purchase offer as well as an auction estimate if you wished to consign your material to one of our auctions. Consigned material must be submitted at least three months prior to the auction to allow for catalog production time.

  • How do I get my material to you?

    We are currently open by appointment only for appraisals and consignment deliveries.  Please call to schedule an appointment at our retail location (4115 Concord Pike, Wilmington DE, 19803).  

    To ship your material to us we generally suggest using UPS for bulky shipments. We can also assist with carrier pickups for very large shipments. Feel free to contact with any questions concerning your shipment.

    From time to time we are also able to do on-site pickups depending upon location and scheduling. Please call us to discuss the details of this service.

  • What happens when my material arrives?

    Once your material arrives to us, a receipt is sent to you confirming that it has been received.

    We ask for 14-21 days to complete the appraisal process. After that time a staff person will contact you to discuss both the outright sale option as well as our estimate for auction.

    Your material will be reviewed by an appraiser and described for our next available auction.  You will receive your lotting summary along with a copy of the catalog once the catalog is produced.  If you would like an auction estimate prior to catalog production, please include this request on your paperwork.  

  • What are your commissions?

    Seller’s commission is based on a sliding scale. Please contact us for more information.

  • Are there any additional consignment fees?

    Please review a sample copy of our auction contract here for additional fee information.

  • When do I get paid for my material?

    If you opt for the outright purchase option a check will be sent immediately.

    Auction consignors are paid 45 business days after the date of the sale.

Bid Board (Coins & Currency)
*currently suspended due to covid*

  • What is bid board?

    It’s like a silent auction.

    • Bid Board Auction is a silent coin/currency auction, featuring 308 lots, held 6 times each year.
    • Numismatic items are affixed to a “Bid Board Lot Card” and posted on a large bulletin board in Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center (DCA/SC) for a scheduled time period of 2 months.
    • During this period, anyone registered with a DCA/SC bidder number may place bids.
    • Bids may be entered as often as desired up until the cut-off time.
    • The highest bidder at the cut-off time is the winning bidder!

  • What are the rules for bidding?

    • To participate as a bidder requires advance registration and issuance of a DCA/SC bidder number. Individuals under 18 must be registered by an adult.
    • Bidders are responsible to use correct bidding increments (see below).
    • PLEASE INSPECT before you bid as ALL LOTS are sold AS IS with NO returns!
    • The buyer pays 15% commission over the selling price.
    • Buyers not present during the auction will be notified of their winning lots the following week via email, snail mail or phone.
    • Lots must be picked up and paid for within 30 days or lots will be forfeited.
    • A bidder may make arrangements for lots to be shipped. Shipping and handling expenses will be applied.  Contact store to make arrangements
    • Telephone and mail bids ARE NOT PERMITTED
    • Purchases made by credit card are subject to a 2% service charge

    Minimum $1 or Reserve

    $   1.00 up to  $   5.00 $0.25
    $   5.00 up to  $  10.00 $0.50
    $ 10.00 up to  $  30.00 $1.00
    $ 30.00 up to  $  70.00 $2.00
    $ 70.00 up to  $ 150.00 $5.00


    Auction Date Bidding Closing Bell
    02/13/20 5:00 PM
    04/16/20 5:00 PM
    06/18/20 5:00 PM
    08/13/20 5:00 PM
    10/15/20 5:00 PM
    12/17/20 5:00 PM

  • Buy It Now Stamp Board
    *currently suspended due to covid*

    • What is a Buy It Now Board ?

      • All items (STAMPS) available for IMMEDIATE sale
      • New items monthly – 1st of the month and empty spots will be filled in as items are purchased
      • Not arranged in Scott order – take your time browsing
      • Price as marked – NO BIDDING REQUIRED
      • Each additional month that the item is on the board it will be discounted an additional 10% until the max discount of 50% off is reached.
      • Remove the item from the board and replace the pin
      • Pay at counter – price + 15%